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Investment Opportunities

Investing can be an important part of building towards your long-term goals, but investment options are wide-ranging and varied. When was the last time you took the time to consider your investment plan and think about whether the advice you are receiving is the one most fitting for you?

Investment options made simple

At People’s United Advisors* we understand that the spectrum of investment options available to investors can be overwhelming and it can be time consuming to figure out which investment options might be right for you. Life is busy – let’s start simply with two key options:

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Digital Advice

Technology meets investing with software that tailors an investment portfolio to align with an investor’s risk and return profile and then continues to re-balance your investments automatically. Digital advice can be a time and cost efficient way to invest towards your goals.

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Personal Advice

Working with a financial advisor provides access to comprehensive, tailored wealth solutions to simplify your financial life and help you achieve your goals.

* People's United Bank provides investment management and planning services through People's United Advisors

People’s United Advisors

We are investors. We are locally based throughout the Northeast and our clients are at the center of all that we do. People’s United Advisors offers wealth and investment solutions, customized to each client. We understand the investment and wealth space. We draw upon our tenured team’s expertise and the extensive resources of People’s United Bank to help clients navigate through their unique wealth challenges. As a fiduciary, we pride ourselves on acting in the best interest of our clients and providing each client with the uncommon expertise of People’s United Advisors.

People's United Advisors WealthyMinds shares insights for your financial well being, with a feature in this Q1 2019 issue on Investment Advice: Lost in a Maze?

Don’t you wish there was a blueprint on investment advice?

People’s United Advisors’ white paper, “Investment Advice: Lost In A Maze?” provides a comprehensive guide to the advantages and disadvantages of various advisory options.

Work with a Financial Advisor

At People’s United Advisors, we approach education funding from the position of a planner. Your education funding plan should be a component of a larger financial plan. We address specific account types, account location and the realities of your unique, individual situation.

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We're here to help!

People’s United Advisors, Inc. helps institutions, employers, and individuals and their families navigate investment, trust, retirement, banking, and planning challenges.

Our experienced professionals work as a team, bringing specialized knowledge and solutions to the conversation.

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Call us at (800) 392-3009 to schedule an appointment with a Financial Advisor.

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Investment products are offered through People’s United Advisors, Inc., a registered investment advisor. People’s United Advisors, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of People’s United Bank, N.A.

Investment Products are:

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• May Lose Value

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